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Finally, automated provisioning as a service.

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Identity Management Built for Community Banks

Automated/Audit Ready/Certifiably Secure

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Why Your Bank Needs Provision® Now

Community banks manage hundreds of systems with varying user access permissions that generally require manual updates when employees are hired, roles change, or access permissions evolve. Provision® automates common tasks to improve employee productivity, ensure security, and reduce the time required for audit preparation.

Provision® is the only Identity Access Management tool designed specifically for community banks and credit unions, easing the burden of meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements. While Provision® makes IAM easy, identity access management can be a complicated concept to understand—if you need to go back to the basics, visit our What is IAM page.

Provision® Is the Only IAM Built Specifically
for Banks

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50+ Banking and Business Management connectors — full-APIs not required!

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Policy-driven, automated compliance and hardened security

Three endpoints connecting to a single node

Single source of record for internal and external audits

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Lowest subscription cost of any identity management solution on the market

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Flexible reporting capabilities with complete data set — no sample data

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Decreased manual task work resulting in increased employee productivity

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Implement in less than 90-days

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Easy Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication integration

Connect with Major Banking Cores, Including:

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Are You At Risk?

Are you using spreadsheets or legacy systems to track internal permissions, leaving security holes open to hackers? 73% of security breaches are from known entities within the institution. Whether unintentional or malicious, the cost to remediate a breach averages $150,000 per incident.

The Problem
The Solution

There is a more secure, automated solution for a single source of provisioning records!

Provision® provides significant cost and time savings through automation to mitigate risks and improve security.

  • Permissions are immediately and automatically updated based on your policies
  • A complete audit trail is automatically produced for all changes across all systems
  • Ensures compliance regulations are being met

Be Proactive
with Provision®

Provision® by Exclamation Labs is a role-based Identity Access Management (IAM) solution created specifically with the unique needs of community banks in mind. No other comparable system can effectively and affordably integrate your systems into an automated and centralized solution that manages every user and their unique access permissions through built-in workflows you need to do business. Provision provides both identity management and governance and actively documents all data in a well-structured audit log.

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A Single Source of Record

Provision Connectors

Case Studies

The right ideas, technology, execution, and people can create something special. Here are just a few examples of how our strategic thinking has helped clients and brands around the world to accomplish their goals:

About Exclamation Labs

Exclamation Labs is the agency behind Provision. Based in historic Cumberland, MD, Exclamation Labs is a full-service digital agency specializing in the insurance and financial sectors since 1996.