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What is IAM?

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Identity Access Management

The concept of Identity Access Management, or IAM, can be complicated, but once implemented, an IAM solution makes life a lot easier. At the core, an IAM system automates account provisioning, tracks user access and permissions across all of the systems your team uses on a daily basis, and enhances cybersecurity. An IAM also reduces the time spent preparing for internal and external audits, providing real-time documentation to auditors, and increasing the efficiency of the audit process.

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How Does IAM Work?

IAM tools manage digital identities by enforcing user-specific, policy-driven permissions. The system secures the authentication of identities and authorizes access that allows users to perform particular actions. Once the policies are defined for each user and resource that is to be connected to the tool, the IAM system does the rest of the work. This automation is a major time-saver especially for HR and IT teams.

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The Benefits of IAM

There are lots of reasons an identity access management system should be an essential tool in your organization. In general an IAM system will:

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Reduce the risk of a security breach through automating account provisioning and deprovisioning in real-time

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Help companies meet industry-specific compliance requirements by tracking user access 24/7 supported by real-time, audit-ready documentation

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Provide the ability to have more control over access to confidential data

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Decrease the amount of manual task work resulting in increased employee productivity